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Apart from Chen Dong's dangerous and dangerous edge to leave the whirlpool, the three heavenly masters were covered by giant claws at the same time, and the three were split by a strong force to the top. The tremendous pressure made them fall together and fly towards the low altitude. However, the huge claws of the beast were also destroyed by their last counterattack force, flying high into the sky and resisting back. Damn it, Chen Dong, what is he doing?! "To return to such a terrible moment!" …… The three of them steadied themselves in confusion and cursed angrily. The sudden appearance of the giant palm, greatly beyond their expectations, was able to penetrate time and space to deal with their three visitors in different time and space. Although they put the giant palm out, after all, it was in the time and space of history. They could not absorb the vitality of heaven and earth in this time and space. The power they used was entirely their own vitality, and the consumption was much more than usual. The speed of the loss of vitality made them feel terrible. No more second strikes! Since Chen Dong saw the six reincarnation doors and the flowing source of life, and knew the reason for his resurrection, he was eager to know the ultimate secret and who the mysterious man was. He did not hesitate to carry out the reversal of time and space, back to the age of the fall of the gods, he wanted to see from the source how the cemetery of gods and demons came into being! Although the three heavenly order masters are complaining and cursing him, Chen Dong doesn't care at all. Now he can't stop at all. Now everything can't stop. No one can stop him from seeking the truth. What the hell is that giant claw? Chen Dong, facing the poor eyes of the three heavenly masters, appeared in front of them. Now. The scene is very terrible, in the dark sky. The shadow of the gods and demons in the vertical and horizontal,Inflatable water park factory, a large number of immortals in the fall, not far from them that huge animal claws like the autumn wind sweeping leaves in general, sweeping everything! No immortal can stop that kind of power! Occasionally, there are powerful gods and demons fighting against giant claws, but in the end, they are like a small boat churning in the sea, bumping a few times in the huge waves,Inflatable outdoor park, and finally completely destroyed. It's like the end of the world. Even the masters of the four ranks. It all feels so thrilling. Damn it, what you did. This is the so-called "the extinction of heaven"! Heaven is dead. Is it Huang Tian? But he doesn't seem to be here either. Fazu shouted angrily. De Meng was also extremely angry and said, "Chen Dong, we won't stop you if you want to commit suicide, but don't drag us into the water.". This is equivalent to self-destruction. In this historical time and space, some forces need to be avoided by all means, but you take the initiative to bump up with us.. "Boom" The boundless huge claws of the beast, driving the endless wind and thunder to come again. Great pressure, so that the four masters suddenly changed color. This time, four people have been prepared, regardless of the curse, have launched a great magical power to break through the air, to avoid the huge claws of the beast. If it is normal, they may have the confidence to fight, Inflatable outdoor park ,Jumping castle with slide, but in this case can not really use their own strength, they can only escape. De Meng simply regret dead, really should not provoke Chen Dong, ah, now he was brought to this time and space, such as the other side's substitute, with too powerful repair, now is not a good thing, in the sharing of the danger of Chen Dong. However, at this time, Chen Dong they saw a familiar trace, the old man guarding the tomb actually appeared in the distant sky, a giant palm like a huge wave in his back with his buttocks chasing him! Nangong Xianer gasped and exclaimed, "The second giant palm!" "Go to the old immortal!" Cried De Meng. The four heavenly masters rushed away, and the huge palm behind them, after patting down a piece of immortals, locked them tightly and followed them. There is no doubt that even though the four masters are not so strong because of the time and space, they are still perceived by the giant palm as a strong existence beyond the gods and demons, and they are in hot pursuit. The old man who guards the tomb shouts loudly, but there is no color of desolation, facing the pursuit of a giant palm, it is also calm. However, when he saw another giant claw coming, he finally changed his color. He stared back at the hiding place of the four masters and shouted, "Damn it, you dare to set me up. Don't think I don't know where you are hiding!" Apparently, the old man guarding the tomb could perceive that there were four powerful people in the dark, but he did not seem to realize that they were visitors from different time and space. Hateful The old man who guarded the tomb shouted that he was clenched inside by a giant claw, but the strength he showed was beyond expectation. The original thin body actually soared up, and finally the giant claw was opened, and then a foot kicked a beast claw. This is so sick! "Is that really the palm of the sky?" Chen Dong looked suspiciously at Fazu and looked at the crazy old man guarding the tomb not far away. This pervert! Fazu first commented on the old man guarding the tomb, then showed a thoughtful look and said, "It should be.." The so-called incarnation of heaven, but even so, the power of such terror is unimaginable! This abnormal eternal old immortal, its true cultivation is really amazing, I am afraid it is one of the few people qualified to challenge the Demon Lord. He was not afraid of the incarnation of heaven. Later, Fazu's voice gradually dropped and he said faintly and inaudibly, "Is it true that heaven is also graded?" "Hum, my old man has gone through all kinds of hardships.". What storm has not been experienced. Do you really think you can take me back? The tall figure of the old man guarding the tomb stands like a mountain between heaven and earth at this moment. Straight to support this piece of heaven and earth! At this moment, his momentum is strong to the peak! Instead of dodging the two giant claws, he began to fight back with his peak strength. He knocked the two claws into different spaces several times. Hum, I have witnessed the death of heaven, saw the yellow sky was sealed, you do not know what this thing is the ghost,Inflatable water park on lake, compared to them or some distance, you can not destroy my old man. Especially you, now the time to separate out several incarnations. 。 joyshineinflatables.com